Searching for the Roots of Reality

Remember how the Indians were not able to see the Columbus ships? Actually, they did see them, but their minds wouldn’t let them decode the information, because nothing similar had existed in their reality before. The crew already stepped ashore, but they still refused to believe they were there.

Some may say it never happened, and in their universe it probably didn’t J. My research would always take me to faraway lands, where hardly anyone would go intentionally. I toured wilderness areas across the globe, because I realised early on that everything in this world depends on us and our perspective. Travels give us an opportunity to get a fresh perspective, broader and deeper than ours. I have already accepted the fact that our world is no more and no less than who we are.

How to see the Columbus ships?

Early one morning I was standing on the porch of a small house in Tulum, Mexico. Stretching before my eyes was a long white-sand beach, and the crystal blue Caribbean Sea. That’s where I remembered the story of Columbus and his ships. Would I be able to see them? I wondered.

Would my mind let me perceive something completely new, something I had never seen before in my universe?

As I see it, the fact that I believe there are things beyond my reality and my universe, may increase the odds. Without that elementary faith, little can be changed. Where do I look? How to see what the eye can’t?

The mind is like a shaman – it has to discern the most subtle clues. That’s when it occurred to me: I would see the unusual waves. If I could see what’s in their wake, I could certainly see the ships, and run to alert everyone. That’s how we evolve, and that’s precisely why travels are so good and so important.

The further away we drift (from our view of the world), the deeper we (and our insights) go.

We create a reality. We constantly create the effects of a reality. We can perceive something only after we can see a reflection in the mirror of our memories. Our mind doesn’t make a difference between the internal and the external. Modern science, physics in particular, supports the claim.

To the centre of the atom

Scientists found out that the atom existed a long time ago. They have seen it recently, but not all of it. Why? The common belief was that it’s some kind of a ball, only very tiny, with a solid nucleus and the electron cloud around it. More recent research shows that our picture of the atom has been wrong.

We’ve found out that what we imagined to be the electron cloud could disappear and reappear, not always present or “tangible.” All right, electrons can be moody, but the nucleus is stable, isn’t it? Can you imagine the surprise in the research community when they realised that the nucleus was as unpredictable! It might be safe to say that the non-substantial matter is very much like a thought – a concentrated piece of information.

Having disintegrated the atom to the tiniest particle, the researchers discovered light, no less.

In a word, it’s a light, subtle energy, exactly like the thought is. We can be much more than we are right now. Our Self, not the Ego, but our true Self, is not separate from our reality, neither in space nor in time. That’s why we can affect the space and everything inside that space, the time in which we exist and the time yet to come. Consciousness is the foundation of our existence. If we want to be more than we are now, better than we are, happier than we are, we need to learn how to handle consciousness.

Thoughts are the key

The human being is a complex information and energy system. Our conscious self and our body constitute just a fraction of who we are. As much as 95-98% are deeper informational layers we call sub-consciousness. It might be interesting to say that this is also the share in the universe we know – between two and three percent, not more.

On the subtle level of a field, animate and inanimate objects have the same characteristics, affecting each other. That’s why every single negative thought, emotion or behaviour affects an inanimate object, and can harm it. On a global level, growing aggression in the subconscious structures of the mankind has an impact on the energy field of the Earth, paving the way to disasters.

I know from personal experience that the level of subconscious aggression is extremely low with all top-class psychic healers. Otherwise, an entry into the information field of the universe would have been very dangerous. For the same reason, any attempt to multiply their numbers artificially, disregarding their moral qualities, would lead to a global catastrophe.

I met a shaman in Bhutan who told me that the entire universe was controlled by human sub-consciousness.


The control is the strongest within 60 metres of a person. It is within this diameter that the consciousness interacts with the living and the non-living alike. Did you know that even the books constantly present in the human field can allow for a subconscious collection of information, most actively in your sleep? That’s why you should never keep detective novels close to a child’s bed.

The field around both animate and inanimate objects possesses the information about the objects, and the events surrounding them. The field of any room collects information, interacting with and affecting our own fields. A man quarrelling in the room has no idea that it can affect the health of everyone else in the room, as the information structures absorb the negative information.

A message by a shaman from Bhutan


When someone destroys the structure of the field of an object emotionally, a counterattack follows. The structure of the field of an animate object is as autonomous as that of an inanimate object. The inanimate object can affect the animate object actively, and it can exchange information.

The shaman from Bhutan shared a secret with me. When in a personal mental dialogue with God someone prays for forgiveness, their body and soul undergo magnificent changes. This is the moment when Man admits to his imperfection, opening up to the Creator, getting the strength to change. This is also the shortest path to harmony with the universe.
I created one such prayer for me. It’s not religiousness that I’m talking about; you can believe in anything you like, just believe. If “God” and “Lord” are not the words you prefer, you can say “the universe”, “the higher self,” just open up your soul and be humble. Here’s my prayer:

Thank you, God, for everything I am, and everything I have. Forgive me for the sins I have made, willingly and unwillingly, and show me the right path. Help me not to challenge your laws with a single thought or action. Make me worthy of your love and wisdom. Thank you.