How Much Would You Pay For Your Own Good?

I read somewhere that with our arrival on this world, our soul brings with it many opportunities and potential, many experiences and knowledge from many previous lives. Every soul came to this life with a lot of beauty and love.

Many people do not understand it, maybe I do not understand it either completely, but I decided to believe because it gives me more answers than disbelief.

In my lectures, I often repeat that we all need to regain our soul, which is eternal, because iit is exactly what is eternal part of ourselves. The soul is the one that calls us to move and do everything we have set ourselves for this life before arriving. Although the soul is eternal, the life we live has its limited shelf life, so it wants us to achieve as much as we can in each of our lives. We should only hear it, listen to it and do what it tells us.

I have the feeling that my life slides through my fingers, people say that I have not done anything, the time passes and I am sixty – a woman told me.

It does not matter how old you are and what others say, but whether you are consistent when it comes to your sincerity towards yourself and whether you are loyal to your soul and its desire to achieve your goals.

Am I in my life on the right road? What is my purpose? Is it possible that there is more in life? – one man asked me in one of my lectures.

Many people come to me looking for something more in themselves, in their lives, in their visions of life that they could still live. It is incredible to look at how they ask almost the same questions, and ask for similar answers. And in all this there is one stereotype: Who am I actually?

In the quest for existence, ego needs, occupied by their own frustrations, habits, models taken from parents and ancestors, many people are occupied, and do not reach “themselves”, so that they can discover and follow their inner leadership of the soul. Only when we become aware we open up the opportunities that make the change, because they allow the soul to achieve what it is called to be in this life.

Only when we get rid of the unnecessary habits that keep us “tied up” while jogging for the obligations of life we enter into situations in which our true ME suffers in silence as we sneak in with an inner voice that says: “You need this, replace everything else because it can be painful , humiliating or harmful” maybe for the first time in our life, we make room for ourselves, our true feelings and our real needs.

One of the overwhelming needs of the soul, which resides in all of us, is to hear that silent voice that whispers to us that it is not the reason why it is there: to stifle adapting to society and others’ needs, eating foods that do not suit her, to suffer and ” hit the head against the wall. ” As long as the soul is suffocating, it is not able to express its potential. The soul suffers while you push it into small boxes of bad habits.

While I was exploring lives with my clients, and while we were together looking for a way to their soul, many went through big and small changes.

I remember one woman who was brought in a wheelchair because she could not accept her condition that she would never be able to move without wheelchairs again. I started to work with her and started to explore myself. She soon realized she was much more than just a group of neurons that transmits impulses. We looked for her soul that waited quietly for its own moment. It was incredible to look at that cognition, that encounter and that change of lifestyle. This lady is still alive, but now she travels more, she hangs out more, enjoys her work, feels love for life, and feels as if she has just started living. She once told me: If they found a new method to return to me ability to walk, I would not accept it because I understood what my soul had to learn in this life and how it had to keep its ego under control through this knowledge. Not until I understood the path of my soul, did I have gray life and now it is full of colors and joy.

How to set free and understand what our soul wants?

It’s important to explore all our habits, which make our everyday life, but do not suit us. Then, we will reconsider all our negative attitudes, which are often never strictly ours, but imposed on us. When we get rid of all the unnecessary beliefs that keep us locked up and take our energy, we will stop stifling ourselves. By becoming and realizing your own ME, which can now be freely expressed, we become the Consciousness and Light that is in peace with ourselves and the environment by living our karma in the best possible way and giving long incentives to meet with oneself and their souls. Then we will wake up.