To Feel Deep Emotions Not To Feel Better

You said at one of your lectures that when we abandon and live in peace, then all the abundance comes. I did it, but I don`t have some decent amount of money. Look at me! I am all shattered, I probably have a health problem as well. I’m not happy, and you say that joy will come. So where is it? – a woman said to me.

We often do not say what we think or do not mean what we say. You say plentiful, and you mean money. You talk about health, but think of the appearance. You talk about joy and think of happiness. The difference between enjoying in abundance, health and joy on the one hand, and money, good looks and happiness on the other is huge! Abundance, health and joy are comprehensive whereas money, good looks and happiness are exclusive. Abundance is gratitude for all the physical, mental and emotional experiences we reached. It comes through the realization that we always receive exactly what we need in our lives– I spoke slowly to make it as clear as possible.

Health arises when we focus our attention on every aspect of our physical, mental and emotional experience by consciously responding to its causes. We need to understand and live with thoughts and acts so that we are responsible for everything that happens in our lives.

Joy is a state that arises when we allow ourselves to experience everything when it is happening without evaluation, but certainly not without common sense. Happiness arises when we exist, quite unconditionally.

Happiness is not like that. It requires this or that to happen. Who estimates the balance: with my limited consciousness or universe who knows better than us what we need? Are we always ready to accept the results of our choice?

Money is just a small form of our overall energy flow, and the appearance, though important, is just on the surface.

I did not mean money and beautification– she began to defend herself.

I do not care if you want money, whether you think only about your appearance or whether you are happy. I am trying to tell you that my view of life is the preparation of the garden through my own experiences: planting, cultivating and harvesting the fruits of consciousness of the present moment. It is a consciousness of what are abundance, health, and joy themselves. I will say it again: if we are trapped in non-existent images of the past and the future, among our concerns and fears, we do not notice the present moment, and it is the only one that really exists. That means we’re putting some strains on our lives! How do we go ahead if we hold the brakes?

I am not trying to tell you that we should forget the past, it is there to draw lessons that are beneficial at the present time. I’m not telling you we should not want something that needs to come to us. It is only about the fact you should be aware that the present moment is the setting up of what should come to us as healthy fruit.

I have certain desires. I’m a human being, we all have them – the woman said.

I do not have them, I live now and here, aware of all my thoughts and acts, liberated of the weights of the past and the future, left to the flow of life now and here, and this life blesses me with all the benefits, because by letting myself into it I actually keep the door open to the benefits waiting for me somewhere there.

How don`t you have any wish?

Well, not literally, I’m a human being, but I’m trying to resist the ego game, so I never close the door to the universe. Because of our constant desire, we have a determination of purpose. It’s natural. However, life does not serve us to satisfy our desires, but to open our consciousness to receive willingly what we need. So while living, we realize in experience that what is happening to us is basically what is necessary to be happening at the moment. I would like to point out again- the focus should be shifted to the present, not to the future. We must accept the fact that the experience we are dealing with, whether nice or bad one, is always worth it. It may seem to us that we do not want what is happening to us at the moment, but the fact that something is happening reveals to us that it is truly necessary. We recognize the needs based on the fact that something happens regardless of what we think we want. As soon as we understand this, we have two options: either to respond or react. The point is in the understanding that something is happening to us to teach us something we miss in order to get what we are meant for. If we understand this as a negative experience and link it to a past negative event, we reject it, escape from it, we oppose it … and none of the lesson can be learned. Soon the same will come to us again, but in a larger package. If what happens to us is accepted as the necessary experience, we just turn to the flow and we pass through it with the past experience . The lesson is learned and we go on with all the benefits that we deserve, which are dedicated to us from the Source.

It’s not easy to live this life in the material world, but it’s nice. Growing up and turning into a “normal” person creates a storm in us, whether we want to admit it or not. The reason for this is our renouncing from our original being by accepting our silent despair state as something completely normal.

It is originally in us to give up the flow of life, the presence at the present moment, and enjoying all the experiences that are happening to us, regardless they are pleasant or unpleasant because we know that they are useful- lack of jumping for the feeling of being better, but understanding and opening up to the current state to feel stronger the moment we are in.

What we think is happiness is not always necessarily coming from the Source. Much has been imposed as a standard we call “normal”, and in fact, it is a scream of insecurity.

As much as I want to challenge the existence of this controlled and muted internal storm, it can not be hiding, it happens. There is a war between the originality and the uncertainty, the perceptual division between the presence and the transformation. There is a huge breakthrough between fear and anger and pain between us and the adult in our midst, and it exists because we are trapped between two canyons. On the one hand, the unwelcome experiences of the past, and on the other imaginative wishes of the future, arising from fear, frustration and weakness. This little river between these two canyons is the present moment that we neglect.

Life itself invites us to voluntarily sink into the inner storm as if we jump from the bridge to the bungee jump in the huge canyon of steep cliffs of the past and the future. Our mind is an armor that governs our courage and our stupidity. It leads us to the center of this inner storm and helps us to accept experiences, understand their point, learn the lesson, and let ourselves go on to the next course that will bring us everything we need at the present time.