Is There Any Truth in the Bosnian Pyramids?

The stroke of life led me to the Bosnian pyramids. My ultimate destination was a lecture in Sarajevo, but Visoko, a place where pyramids are located, called me. I have visited many world pyramids, and I have not had the opportunity to see those closest to me. But not when a person wants it in life, but when it is meant to be.

I’ll describe it as easy as possible so you can repeat my experience and check it out.

Research has shown that pyramids in Bosnia arose about 37,000 years ago as energy machines used for wireless, two-way communication, for the treatment, improvement of the molecular structure of water and food, the development of spiritual senses, and the protection of planetary frequency and the location of strong humane waves.

Many of the world’s and our experts have made measurements of this soil, proving these claims, but it was not enough for me to believe it.

I found myself in front of the so-called The Pyramide of the Sun which is 270 meters high and, as experts have determined, weighs 18 million tons. For comparison, the Keops pyramide in Egypt is 147 meters high and weighs 5 million tons, it was officially formed 4,500 years ago and most probably 12,000 years ago.

Everything points out that the Bosnian Pyramids are older, but apart from an inaccessible ice-covered ground with improvised stairs on it, at first glance I have not seen anything.

Turning a steep climb up a hill that is considered a pyramid, I felt the strengthening of my own life energy, but it often happens to me from the very expectation when I start a new adventure, so I did not immediately pay attention to it. This subtle energy flow was similar to the enhanced Schuman’s resonance, which is very well known to me because I have a home-based device that generates and amplifies the Schuman waves, but it was not yet evidence that this site had any particular fact.

The path led me to the crystalline concrete slabs which, according to the research, showed the characteristics of exceptional strength at the pressure – the first proof is that they are the creation of one’s hands.

Since around me and my friends, who went with me, I was not involved in the first energy research. I opened my biofield to be more perceptive and went for examining. I felt strong energy swirling waves. The waves were very uniform and constant which you can not feel every day. Although the information I received was that this pyramid is a good place for spiritual work and connection with higher structures, I have felt the mild, but also, conventional electricity of the healing energy of this space. I was surprised by the constant energy intensity, which I have not felt in either the Egyptian or the South American pyramids.

We continued to climb. We came to a meditative probe, one depression in the ground rather imperceptible and unregulated. My friends and I got into it. I opened their biofields and introduced them into a state of relaxation and energy of openness, of course with the necessary protection. I went into the research, transmitting every information to them so that they could confirm, challenge or upgrade my claims.

The energy has changed considerably compared to the previous place in terms of how it was made. They felt intense energy strikes, from top to bottom. They were somewhat faster intensities than the secondary ones. As the energy was so thick and intense, it could clearly feel its compression, as if something of very bright colors was composing slightly darker colors. It’s like putting a mushroom with a white cap and a darker tree exactly one over the other, and you see only the white that covers the darker layers that are underneath. The energy had a really healing structure, very similar to that which was released in the reactions of Reiki and some other related techniques.

I tried to get even deeper. What I felt was like we just penetrated into the first layer. I wanted to decipher it. I got the code for unlocking the deeper layers.

The code was 4ab, for me a rather unusual formula. But I realized that with an internal vibration with prolonged breath, I could penetrate even deeper. It was a dense energy mass that permeated every my cell, i.e. it had the perfect frequency of a healthy cell.

I continued on because I felt that I could get even deeper. The sequence continued – 4abg. That code seemed to have begun to make even deeper breakthroughs.

I gave instructions to others without explaining what they could expect. They all confirmed the same. Energy penetrated through the entire body, starting from the darkness, flowing through the whole body and rising over the foot. On this path, our life energy was balanced and it came to the harmonization of energy deformities.

A very turbulent experience for a short time that we had. The next day I went to the Ravno tunnel where I found the incredible discovery too. I do not want to write about it now so as not to experience any kind of judgment or something like that. I want to support this by serious researches, when the time comes, you will know first. Until then, go to your adventure, try to feel this healing energy. It’s just enough to let yourself go.