It’s Not Disease That Kills You But The Knowledge About It

The telephone rang. Having answered I heard a cry. Soon after, a female voice uttered with difficulty: I have a cancer. I’m beside myself. I’ll kill myself.

I’ve recognized her- the young girl who has been coming to me for a while. I have been following her condition and, although we hadn’t seen each other for some time, what I heard was difficult to believe: cancer doesn’t show up overnight. It had been in her bio field for much longer, before manifesting in her physical body. I was thinking how it was possible that I had not seen it when we saw each other previously. We agreed to meet as soon as possible.

The face of the girl who entered my office was shattered like that of a drowning person waiting for a saving hand. Under normal circumstances she was the girl of extraordinary beauty. Now her look was grey, her eyes darkened and her looking completely out of her mind.

What has happened? – I asked.

I got a routine checkup with my doctor. He is our eminent expert, a university professor. Having finished the checkup, he told me: I’m really sorry to be the person to tell you this. It’s such a pity you are so young but you are going to die soon because you have a cancer of enormous size on your ovary. I assume it can’t be operated on so go home and get prepared for the worst. That happened two days ago. I’m living a nightmare! I can’t sleep. I want to kill myself. How to tell my parents? I’m scared of dying– she burst into tears.

Wait! Slow down! Whatever it is, people don’t just die like that. As long as you are alive, there is possibility of salvation! Wait for a moment while I perform an examination.

After a very detailed checkup, I told her my analysis.

Please take everything I’m about to say with a pinch of salt. I also beg you to put classical medicine first and be clever. As far as I can see. This is not a cancer but a very big cyst filled up with some dark liquid. Although it has a hard membrane, we can remove it if you learn your lesson. But first things first. Please think wisely about two doctors you can visit. Hide the previous results and ask for their independent opinion. When you do it, if their opinion matches mine, we will make an agreement if you want to remove it. Go for confirmation so as to believe me.

My words soothed her. She made appointments with two doctors. The results were identical- blood cyst. She came again.

Cysts are soft tissues which correspond with mental energy which has been hardened by mental patterns and attitude accumulated unconsciously. In her case it represented the whole set of mental patterns of thinking and attitude which she had built. The patterns were connected to her wish to become a mother. At this stage of her life, she was intensively preparing for motherhood and started cleaning those mental patterns.

The cyst showed up as an ego defense mechanism that didn’t welcome the change. It was its protection from facing the process she had entered. Mental processes started matching, thickening and becoming an obstacle to her moving upward. They were actually the past and completely unnecessary but she kept sticking to them unconsciously.

While doing the mental process solving and her mind and health intention harmonizing- we reached acceptance. Hence, her cyst disappeared. It broke open by itself and her body recovered soon after it.

Later on she became a mother. She got a beautiful angel and accomplished herself in the best way as a wife and mother because she integrated all emotional charges that had prevented her from learning the lesson.

What to say for the “eminent expert” from her story? Nothing. We won’t feel pity for him in the way he did so. We can just pray for him and hope for a little bit more of his compassion the next time.

Compassion is far more generous than feeling pity. The latter is rooted in fear and somewhat in arrogance and condescension as well. Sometimes that is exactly the place where the feeling of “I’m so glad it’s not me” grows.

When your fear touches someone’s pain, it becomes the feeling of pity but when your love touches someone’s pain it turns into compassion.

My message to the doctor and to those of his kind is: learn compassion in order to learn that all human beings are the same and suffer in a similar way. Your power isn’t any greater than anyone else’s. When you see a person in trouble, don’t feel pity for them but deep compassion. Respect the person and be grateful. Everyone who makes you feel compassionate gives you one of the biggest gifts there is- developing the most necessary trait on your way of awakening.