Can the Cause Lie Outside this Life?

Humans are such tiny beings. How small is a patch of earth each may take? Just large enough to stand on. How much energy is there in a human being? Just as much to connect with everything around. We are a microcosm, but only a part of a much larger microcosm. Whether we like it or not, we need to live by stronger, superior rules. You may call them God, the Universe, the Great Spirit or the SuperConsciousness, but they will always be beyond us, and we have to respect them, consciously or subconsciously.

This, in fact, is not a bad place to be. As a cell in a larger organism, we have our identity, but we still live by the rules of the organism. The rules have been tailor made, in our best interest. In that bespoke model, we are healthy and happy, in a loving relationship with the whole. If we get off the path, the model can no longer guarantee these rights. If we wander off into an egocentric self-life, the organism will identify us as a foreign body, a bacteria or a virus it needs to fight off. The hunt is on for us, more precisely, for whatever we may be doing to hurt ourselves. The rule is there to save us. It may appear contradictory, but it won’t be, as soon as we realise what is there to be saved, and from what.

“Honestly, I thought you were a serious man, a doctor, but here you are, talking about past lives, insisting that the cause of my illness is out there!” a distraught young man was saying to me, shortly after his mental/physical/spiritual state had been diagnosed.

“You didn’t say anything, but your biofield makes it clear that you’ve been suffering from water retention, high blood pressure and urinary problems. Don’t you think it’s proof enough? You also can’t deny that you have a fear of water, and by ‘water’ I mean a river, the sea, a full bathtub. No one knows about it, right? You have no friends, and yet you are a very friendly person. What else should I do for you to start working on yourself and eliminate everything that troubles you?”

“You are absolutely right, and I have no idea how you know all that, but I don’t believe in past lives.”

“Why are you completely obsessed with the cold Scandinavia? You have probably never dared go?

“How do you know I haven’t?”

“As I’ve suggested, you were drowned in a past life, and it’s because of the trauma passed from a past life that you’ve subconsciously refused to learn some lessons, which is why you have the medical issues that you have. That’s also why in this life you’ve never stepped into a bathtub full of water, let alone a river or the sea. You were drowned one night, for no reason, and it was your countryman, a sturdy person. That’s why you are afraid of traveling there, and also the reason why you can’t stand stout men. You were drowned because you were different, a gentle poet by nature. A talent for arts unfulfilled. And now you are a musician… All the health problems I have listed arise from the fact that, in a way, you are still under the water, drowned. Am I wrong?”

“No,” the young men said, standing at the door, completely pale, as if just taken out of the water, shifting his gaze to the floor.

“Come back and sit down. Listen to me. We have an ideal situation here. You don’t believe, so the placebo effect doesn’t work on you. I’m not a miracle worker either, so I can’t cure you that way either. I’m not going to give you some magical potions and other concoctions for the ignorant, so we have a wide open training ground for an experiment. You will think the way you and I agree you will think, and live by the principle, following some common sense rules. You’ll continue to visit your doctor and use his therapy. We’ll be monitoring your health status, and let’s see where this can get us in a month.”

His medical condition improved in ten days, without any medical therapy, since the doctors didn’t know what else they could give to him, and the next summer he took his first swim in the sea with his friends.

I’ll tell you more about reincarnation some other time. The soul is eternal, which is why this can’t be its first time here, but it is a debut for our body, and the mind struggles, responding to the primary reflexes of survival and trying to realise where it is. The most important lesson, and the greatest challenge, is to find out where the cause of the present situation comes from. The cause may be a mistake that happened in this life, something inherited from parents and ancestors as a pattern of altered frequency, or transferred from a past life as an unlearnt lesson.

The point is this:

Our soul is here and now, in a learning process, in a series of lives.

The game revolves around love – love for God, for the universe, or whatever you like to call it. The worldly life offers a long string of opportunities to detect the frequency of the universe, God, the Creator, the large organism we are a tiny part of. If at least for a moment we manage to echo our own life energy in that rhythm, it’s a success. Let’s find the source, let’s never place any earthly love above the love for Him. Then we’ll learn what our special gift is, and what we need to develop in this life. Whatever that may be – from healing, art, science to driving a bus or washing the streets – that’s our calling, our next level!

Hardly anyone gets to be a fully accomplished person in a lifetime, which is why every new life gives us a new chance of making something old right, or learning something new, and thus continue our journey. The universe is so tolerant, because it looks at us with eternal love, giving us completely open opportunities to take what we want, and do what we want to. The universe is so tolerant and loves us so much that it lets us forget about it, not to love it, give up on it….

Yet again, the universe gives us a second chance.

Along that journey we make mistakes, stumble, make bad moves, and the universe sends a warning to take us back – caring for The Eternal I, for our souls.

First come mild cautions – minor illnesses, small problems, arguments. More difficult challenges and prolonged suffering follow. In the end, our ignorance threatens to tarnish the only eternal part of us. At that moment, a violent pull has to happen to save us. The soul is the only one moving to the next life; that’s why it’s a priority. The universe has done nothing wrong – we, alone, hurt ourselves!

The sooner we understand the cause of a problem, an illness or a trouble, the sooner we’ll enjoy the blessings intended for us. Trust me, they are more generous than you can imagine!