Take Control of Your Thoughts & Your Life!

This is the greatest secret of the universe, which we all know at an intuitive level, but it still eludes many. Just like the universe is simple, it’s a very uncomplicated secret, so simple in fact that it appears impossible and hard to believe.
Every day, different people with the same problem walk in my office. They complain about illnesses, financial troubles, family and relationship problems, some just wishing to ward off negative influences. How can all these problems boil down to one?

Without the light, the darkness rules. You can’t switch on the darkness. It’s the light we need!

It’s wrong to believe that there’s a source of evil. Good is all around us, and there’s enough for everyone. The problem of evil is the problem of the good waiting to come to us, but we resist it.

Five Senses vs. the Endless Universe of Possibilities

Like it or not, you are already responsible for whatever is happening in your life.
You must have heard of the principle, Like Attracts Like.
It’s the eternal law of the universe. It’s how our thoughts work. We create the world around us. I’ll explain.
We have five physical senses which are sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Everything around us is a set of information from the five senses, each covering a specific spectre. For instance, the dog’s hearing spectre differs from ours, the snake sees a different colour spectre than we do, etc. In other words, a sea of energy passes through our senses, creating a picture, which is our own interpretation of a sensory impression.
Such interpretations, however, are open to further interpretation, creating our internal map of reality. It’s not the absolute truth, but only our own conception of reality, the result of the experiences we have collected along the way. Our thoughts follow these patterns, creating a universe, mine and yours.

Thoughts literally change the universe, creating every small detail of your physical reality.

Our thoughts make up the tissue pulling in and binding together the ever-changing energy field around us, creating the objects as we see them. How come, then, that we see objects instead of sparkling energy? Remember the film tape? There are 24 frames flying in a second, with a space between each two. The speed at which they move tricks the eye into seeing a continuous motion.

How to win?

The like-attracts-like principle always works, meaning that you always get what you think about. You can let the fresh air in, and there’s plenty of it outside. Any requirements? Open the window and let the stale air out.
Look around you. Everything you see in the physical world started as a thought, which developed into its physical form in a series of steps. That’s also how you became what you’d been thinking about most. The world is your mirror. It allows you to experience physically what you’ve adhered to as your personal truth.
And the good news is….? You can change EVERYTHING, inside and out!
Quantum physics teaches us that the world is not as set in stone as it appears to be. It’s a very fluid place, which is permanently rebuilt based on individual and collective thoughts. We are surrounded by a field of energy frequency emanating from the Source. It’s the electromagnetic frequency of a higher consciousness, and we are made of the very same frequency. All our senses serve to translate the energy vibration, emotions being the strongest sense.

Would you like to live in peace and harmony? Tune in to the Source. Remember the last time you laughed and felt joy. That’s when you were tuned to the Source. You don’t feel like laughing? Don’t feel very good? You are missing the right frequency.

It’s the law of attraction, like attracts like. The reason your wishes do not come true is that you are stuck in a frequency pattern that doesn’t correspond with the energy vibration of your wish. You want health, but keep thinking about your illness. You want money, but are constantly jealous of the people who have more than you do. You want love, but keep forgetting that love starts with giving. In a word, you crave nice things, but you are obsessively depressed for not having them. You are missing the frequency, err, the point.

A Good Recipe for Life

If you pay attention to your feelings, you’ll know if your focus is on your wish or the lack of it. When the vibration of our thoughts overlaps with the frequency of your wish, your feelings will slide from joy to pleasure, and the wish will come true. If you shift the focus to the lack of what you want, your feelings will move in the spectre between anxiety and depression. Every thought is an energy vibration, and it attracts a similar frequency. The longer you hold the thought, the stronger the pulling power will be.

Obsessive thoughts materialise.

The attraction lasts until the opposite vibration comes in. Then we start attracting something else.
The frequencies of love and jealousy are opposed to each other. Abundance attracts money, and jealousy attracts depression. The frequency of health and the frequency of disease are not the same. Health brings fulfilment, and disease causes pain. An emotional bond cannot have the same frequency as loneliness. It you mix them, which one wins? The vibrations you send constantly are the winners, they will eventually materialise.
People often come to me for advice. I explain to them that they should first think about their own thoughts, and the way they fulfil their lives. I want them to realise that they had brought it upon themselves alone. Some do. Some don’t, backsliding. Some get angry, and even step up the pace, angry and bitter. They usually come back, desperate and in a worse state.

Nothing comes to our lives uninvoked. There is no exception to this rule!

The moment you become aware of it, you’re about to take absolute control of your life. Harmonise yourself with your wishes. Commit to them completely, and let the universe do its magic.