Shadow Of The Soul

By recommendation I met with a lady who looked perfect for her age. Nourished and quite fit – she seemed to look after herself. I naively thought that it was the same situation at all levels of her life.

Why did you contact me? What disturbs your personal peace, so are you resolved to seek help? – I asked her.

I do not need help. I absolutely understand everything. I am a therapist, I cure others, I understand everything, I communicate with the light.

Then why are you coming to me?

You know, nobody understands me, so I was hoping to talk with you openly.

Okay, tell me, what do you want to talk about? – I was trying to get to what was behind the “I”.

Nobody understands me, and everyone is exhausting me. All people are energy vampires, and I’m too good, and that’s where I start suffering. Everything is tough for me, everyone is catching on my back, everyone wants something from me and I’m exhausted, and I suffer because of my good soul and that is my life story. What should I do?

What exactly is your problem?

You know, everyone hates, blocks me and exhausts me. These are disgusting people, who are at a lower level than me. In fact, everyone is at a lower level, you will understand me, and then they hate me and I have problems due to it. I’m trying to eliminate them from my life, but I do not know how. They attack me and then blame me for everything.

The psychologically observed human shadow is the negative part of the personality, the sum of the hidden, unpleasant traits of the psyche and the insufficiently developed functions of the individual unconscious. It encompasses all those psychological contents, thoughts, feelings, ideas that a person does not want to accept as their own and which suppresses or projects on other people or their environment.

For example, if you have unconscious hatred for people around you who have characteristics that you subconsciously do not tolerate, your mind will say: All people around me are evil. I hate them. They need to be removed from my life!

The less is a person aware of their shadow, the more it influences their behaviour and irrational thinking and actions. Shadow creates illusions and often deceives a man.

The only way we can get rid of the shadows is to face the dark side of our own personality. Alchemists referred to this condition as nigredo- darker than black.

If we lock negative emotions, we do not want to live, understand them and integrate them. These suppressed experiences will at such a time accumulate so much that the mind will no longer be able to ignore them. These suppressed uninvolved emotional charges will appear in consciousness as avenues from another world, the level of the unconscious mind transformed into irrational fears, unexplained grief and pain, uncertain tension, anxiety and psychological pressure. However, whether we want it or not, the confrontation is inevitable and the more it is postponed, the more we suffer when the matter collapses.

Without descending into the dark well of the unconscious and facing our own shadow, we have no spiritual knowledge, no personality growth. We need to be seekers who must pass through the dark night of the soul, by the great gates of the black fortress of our inner darkness and all its guards. We must overcome temptations and ghosts in our own path by the power of the heart and the light of our divine being.

The result will be a smile on the face each morning and a calm in the soul before bedtime. Believe me, it’s all about it!