The Closed Door

After a long summer break, the man whom I knew well came into my office. We met for the first time when he visited me due to certain discomfort he experienced on his life path. We easily found the cause of his condition. He was coming to me several times and we reached the “green branch” during our conversations and energy treatments. Soon he felt much better. Having been inspired by his progress, he decided to learn how to practice Reiki himself so as to keep the balance with the new state of well-being.

However, the person who came now wasn`t the same that I had seen previously. He confessed feeling as if somebody pulled a carpet under his feet. There was fog all around him, he couldn`t make the difference between up and down, left and right. His eyes were completely cheerless, his face expression was stiff. I thought he was in his cleaning phase which I blamed for his scarred and scared condition.

Diagnostics showed the stable, recovered body, his energy centers were in their places, all energy channels flowed. And this came as a surprise, but not for long. His mental body saw shock and confusion, a complete “fuse”. The cause was some side effect. I looked deeper and found a paralyzing fear in his emotional body. What surprised me most was how much he closed himself to the Source. After I had presented my observations with surprise, he opened his soul to me:

After the Reiki initiation, I began practicing on myself, as you had taught me. Then I saw dark– he stopped for a second, restraining himself not to cry.

What happened to you? – I was shocked. Working on yourself in the common sense five-thousand year tradition usually doesn`t bring anything bad- apart from possible sabotage of your own ego and unpleasant struggle with it.

I told the confession to the priest from the local church about my practicing. At the very mention of Reiki, he didn`t want to listen to me any minute longer. He absolutely anathematized and condemned me, forbade me confession and communion for a year. He threw me out of the church! What am I supposed to do now? Am I so sinful? What have I done wrong? I`m alone and can`t survive this.

Have you asked these questions to your priest and tried to explain it to him?

He didn`t let me. He threw me out shouting.

Does he even know what Reiki is? Is he familiar with the fact Reiki has a legal health promotion which is protected by the Republic of Serbia delegated legislation?

It is obviously enough to proclaim it unholy only because it`s not part of Orthodox religion– he said with a heavy sigh and a huge sorrow in his voice.

Please, do not blame the priest for the things he`d said. Forgive him if you already haven`t done it because he doesn`t know what he is doing. Send him love and pray for the cleverness of his mind. Turn the other cheek when someone strikes you. That is the only way to help yourself and him, as well. That was the only thing I could tell him at that moment.

Having waited for him to calm down, I slowly explained to him, soothed him and finally helped his wounds to heal. I gave him a piece of advice how to overcome grief and find the light in the darkness where he had been pushed.

Can we help by condemnation?

Can we judge by ignorance?

Can we save someone by turning our back or punishing him?

Can the wrong soul be left in ignorance and fear for his salvation?

If you can, please write to me, teach me, explain to me in order not to be blindsided. If you can`t, then such opinion should not be worth. We must put forgiveness and love first and above everything else.

There is no need to create an image of everyone based on an individual. There are wonderful priests who believe in God. We should not feel resentful, but forgive and send our love because we can be the ones to shed light on their foolish fear.

At one point of my growing up, I found myself in complete desolation. I went to the Rakovica Monastery, craving for solace and God. I thought I would find them there. It was summer. I was wearing a decent T-shirt reaching almost my elbows and trousers reaching my knees. At the entrance to the monastery, there was a priest rubbing his shoulder with a popular singer at that time. She was wearing such a short dress barely hiding her panties and breasts. As they were leaving the monastery, the singer was taking out a hand from his pocket dropping a white envelope there. He thanked her, smiling at the mustache. After she had left, he looked at me and asked:

Why are you so depressed? Where are you going?

 In the monastery – I answered.

You can`t enter the monastery dressed like that. Go out!– he said and closed the door in front of my nose.

I don`t feel well, I need some advice, help, comfort– I told the closed door of the monastery.

I went outside the monastery, sat down on a bench and started to cry. I was completely out of my mind, disconcerted with fear.

God gave up on me as well – I thought.

There, on that very bench in the park, I found God within myself and he helped me to be saved. Except gratitude for the priest who made me find God, I had nothing else.

This man, sitting in front of me, certainly won`t know how to do it. I have been working with people long enough to be able to estimate the situation. Where will he go now? How will his family deal with it? I`m not going to leave him!

Please, feel compassion for people. It`s the most eminent emotion. It`s not always easy to awaken the power of compassion within you. Let`s use at least one of the millions of opportunities that we are offered with on a daily basis to open our hearts. The given hand of salvation will be returned manifold. Forgive those you haven`t forgiven yet, encourage them to act better by following your steps.

I`m going to see this man on Monday again. I`m looking forward to seeing his smile because I know we can succeed together!