How can I be better off?

Many people go to the doctor asking for medical help for a problem or illness. Everyone who sells help says that it is very complicated and that, without their help, we will not be able to help ourselves.

When the body hurts and when we go to a doctor, he gives us a cure, usually not asking us how we are actually and what really matters to us. Everything is in some rules, the norms that have to be filled and are more important than the very man. And so we get pills for any pain, learning that the disease came from somewhere and endangers our lives. But is that right? We can not really blame all the doctors. And they are confused on the same path as we did. We do not seek the culprits anywhere and in anybody, everything is in ourselves. Accepting “hello for the end” does not justify us. Leaving the routine and the footprint of the wrong life is our merit.

Therefore, take life into your own hands, there are ways.

First be aware of everything that is happening around you and how certain things affect you. Think about what you pay more attention than you should and how can you change that. Do not blame others. Get off of yourself. Do it yourself and not others.

Accept things that are contrary to your values as your own change, as an opportunity for growth and learning. Do not be afraid of the change.

Avoid toxic interactions. Take care of yourself, but also about others. Do not allow negative emotions to occupy you. Knowing yourself is a key strategy of coping with your own shadows.

When you return home with some pain, tension, or deeply rooted inconveniences that have been triggered by an event, before taking the medication, give yourself some time to yourself. A little rest for yourself, be with yourself. It’s time to be in your “thought house,” in your life-storm cover, where you can turn yourself off and be alone. Do not bring negativity to your place of healing. Make yourself a healing ritual: lie in a warm water bath, cook yourself tea, read a couple of pages of your favorite book, walk in peace and quiet, imagine, relax.

Do not get a job at home. Do not carry your mobile phone in the bedroom and toilet. Separate at least half an hour a day for yourself. All this will surely ease your physical and mental discomfort.

Do not be afraid to express loudly what hurts you. Whatever disturbs you and affects you negatively, you know that it will not go away from itself as it did not come by itself. You must engage. You must sometimes know to say NO. Know that everything that is bothering you from outside is called a similar one from inside. Change yourself through learning, otherwise you will slowly turn every concern into physical pain. Accept this, express yourself, seek help and start the process of change, and do not be afraid to go to the desired prosperity. This tranquility of the “soul”, we all have the right to possess.

Do not be afraid to say clearly and show what you want. Each of us deserves peace, tranquility, joy and every well-being.

If all of this is not part of your habits, it’s time to make some small changes in your life. I know it’s not easy to find the time to be alone with you. But keep in mind that otherwise you will slowly “lose” if you do not do something for yourself. You will be completely torn apart by the obligations and habits that prevent you from attaining the inner balance and realizing the true well-being.

You know, it’s just that you open the door.