Pain, Disease and Death

Establishing an energy balance we influence all levels, but especially on the mental and emotional ones. We need to be aware that some physical condition does not disappear overnight and it takes time for everything to happen. We did not create problems overnight, but we made them drop by drop and we noticed them only when the glass was completely full.

The channeling of life energy influences achieving long-term improvements by helping us to find, cure and get rid of the problems that caused the feeling we have. This can happen consciously or in a very subtle way.
In skills like Reiki and others we simply enter the vibration, not trying to find the place which has to he cured. We do not even try to understand what God has ordered to be cured. We become not only a channel but a healing catalyst in the presence of the will only. This gift is like a gift for riding a bike, visible only when we remove the additional wheels. The gift for such techniques comes after we remove the technique. The gift for the technique comes with our will to overcome control, to become observers, and to observe what it is. Standing in the conscious, the more we manage to be present, the more we see and recognize the knowledge and that brings us back to vibration, but as a reminder. So when you feel what is happening, what you feel in vibration is all-encompassing energy. It reminds us of our natural vibration of the energy of the universe and harmony and then we are healthy as we used to be at the beginning.
If we feel pain at the physical level or we think that everything goes wrong in our life, we are unhappy, angry, depressed, that is a sign, but a warning as well that we are making some kind of mistake and that we need to seek help. If we ignore the warning, the pain will become stronger. It is not so rare situation that we start taking pain reliefs or some other aids to soft our feelings on a physical, emotional or mental level, but that will not help us!
It is wrong if we act only on the disease. It is necessary to heal its cause and it takes time for that. Experts can heal only by touch or persistent monitoring, but those are just temporary. More effective is healing that we ourselves do – if we understand what God, the Universe or the Subconscious tell us. Disease is our friend who tells us that we are making some mistake. If we understand what it is and we correct it – we can heal ourselves. If we continue walking the very same path – we get the next lesson, and so on until we reach the latest destination, death. Remember, it’s like going along the road and slip over a little stone. Unless we understand what the Universe tells us, we come to the next. If we do not understand then, we will encounter a sufficiently large obstacle on the road that will knock us in the dust and maybe break our legs.
Basically, every disease, disorder or misfortune is the result of some disbalance in the body, mind, or surrounding. However, it is not easy to determine the original cause of a particular problem.
By studying Eastern philosophy, we can understand that the basic cause of all our major and minor problems is our own past negative action of the body, speech and mind, which return to us as illness, poverty, ignorance or any other kind of unpleasant experience.
Karma is translated as “action”, or something that we intentionally create mentally, verbally and physically. The laws of karma teach that whatever we create will be returned sooner or later – just like a boomerang!
These negative actions may have been done a long time ago, and we may now be experiencing the consequences. We might think that we would never commit serious negative actions, such as causing injury to other people, but in each of our past lives we were almost certainly different from people we are today. If it was possible to meet ourselves from the past, we would not recognise ourselves at all. It would be like meeting a complete stranger.
Scientists have carried out research in the ocean that showed that in colonies of organisms living in water each organism takes only 20% of the materials needed for life and 80% throws into water. They could not understand what it was about for a long time. It turned out that seemingly unnecessarily ejected chemicals create connections between the organisms
ans thanks to them the colonies survive. These rules work at all levels of life organization. A human being is not exception. Only 20% of our mental energy should be taken for ourselves and our problems from this world while the other 80% we should give to God / Universe. The more grounded the soul is, the more we should strive for all-encompassing energy, and vice versa, the spiritual person can pay thier attention to the things from this world. The healthy cell first works for the body, then for itself. If the cell neglects an organism and starts to work for itself, it is subject to destruction. The cell is very tempted to ignore the dominance of the organism because it does not see it and it receives everything necessary for life from surrounding cells, so it is necessary to discontinue co-operation with these cells from time to time to transmit the main impulse to the whole, not the act itself. There is another useful tool and that is the death of a cell. Then its contact with other cells is suddenly interrupted and its main information structure suddenly changes the orientation from the physical cover in which everything is divided, to the cover of the field where everything is unique. Sensing the highest level of unity with the organism, the cell returns to physical levels and forgets that contact, and although its consciousness is focused solely on its own interests, its subconscious, in which memory of the past is placed, it orders to work primarily for the organism. That’s why the cells in a healthy organism die off occasionally, and cancer cells are practically immortal. That is also the way a human being and the universe function.
Death, that is, the destruction of the physical cover of nature is the most powerful compulsory factor of development. These laws are justified for every organism, whether it is a question of a few living molecules, colonies of bacteria, humanity or everything living in the Universe. A human being is also the cell to the Universe, and as a healthy cell they must work for it first and then for ourselves.