Where we sin and where is the essence

People often try to reach higher levels of awareness and reach more frequencies. Some say that they are more intense during eclipses and certain monthly cycles. However, these energy vibrations, and without our engagement, continually enter into us to help us raise awareness, affect every area of our lives. Often people go to holy places so that they can easily catch up with the divine particle.

Traveling around the world, I realized that people from the west are looking for God somewhere outside, while people in the East seek God in themselves. My soul resonates with this other way and I find it in myself. I do not need help to reach him and translators to understand him or to give him his message and prayer.

It is not necessary to go to special places, which we consider sacred, and places that are bearers of high-dimensional light codes. We need to respect them. It is ours that we allow our minds to calm down so that the soul can open its doors. Then we can lower that high frequency into us, in all of our cells, body, energy system and DNA. So we can really raise the path of our spiritual vertical and understand who we really are. There are no time limits, no helpers, no mediators, only beliefs and patterns that can help us make it available to ourselves so that we can integrate the Light that is all around us and is here for our greatest good.

There are many illusions we believe in and they are deeply rooted within us. We believe that illness comes from itself, that age is an enemy that destroys us and that death comes to us like some avenue of darkness.

Remember, everything is our choice and we are all deserving ourselves. Whether this choice is conscious or unconscious, that is another question.

We do not have to be sick and we do not have to “die” just so suddenly. It’s not the death of an infection that we pick up an accident. We chose to be on Earth at this time. We choose when we will abandon our physical form.

It’s not for me to tell you what you need to feel or think, so just be present in your life and feel what’s around you, while you receive what resonates with your soul and reject what is in contradiction with it.

Another old belief is that you can only survive if you make a bold effort to “make a living”. By its very foundation, it is filled with care, fear, fortune, and a host of other negative states. I’ve already written about it, you always become what you are invading yourself! To change that, start first of gratitude. The next is belief in the Source, which is around us and unconditionally given to us. Transform your negative beliefs and you will see yourself in a miracle.

Many believe in labels, from insecurity we mark ourselves because we think that so we can claim the right to something. If you are a mother you are not the owner of a child, if you are a spouse you are not the owner of your partner. If you are a doctor or a businessman, you are not God. If you are a lawyer, a politician, or something provoked public person, you have no right to anything in this world. If you have money you have no advantage over those who have less of you.

Do not hide behind the label and remember that you are only managers of what is not yours, Source is the owner. If it is unconditionally given to you does not mean that it is yours, you can always stay without it!

You may be sympathetic, but you are not God. You can teach others or treat, but you are not a teacher or healer. You can be a mother or father to somebody, but you are not the owner of this one, for you can not occupy space with others and prevent them from developing on their mission. If you are now something special perhaps you were not in some other life or you will not be in the next, so you are not the owner of that either. If now you do not like someone or hate him, maybe someone in your previous life was the dearest person, so now you can not love him. Knowing past lives is not necessary for us, but only for some general rules to be better people and integrate the gifts we have brought and which are intended for us.

Indeed, the only way to continue our inner growth is to live the truth, which is our only purpose. Nothing happens without our full responsibility. There are no worldly beings who are watching over us and saving us from our unconscious nature and erasing our errors, for all of us are responsible ourselves. Also, other people can not help you, they can only show you the way, but ultimately it is your responsibility.

You can have intentions for something you want in life and then take a step in that direction. Each time you start a step, you are encouraging your intention. Since we integrate higher energy, we must clear the legacy of all doubts, fear, unconsciousness, separation, etc. Be clear about what you want and then take a step in that direction. All you want is really just in you. Make sure that what you want is based on the essence, not on the form. For example, instead of looking for money somewhere in the outside world, make plenty of abundance in you. In this way, you begin to manifest what is inside you. If you realize that there is a lack of energy, free it from you and thus refresh your wealth. Instead of wanting something to improve in your life, focus on integrity. This allows your soul to deal with any vibrations you carry and what is obviously a much higher shape than you can imagine. You ask: “How would I feel I had more money?” When you have your answer, focus on that feeling, because feeling is the essence. You feel the essence in your soul and heart.

If you find a mistake in another, know that this thing exists within you. With this awareness, you can free up and transform bad old energy. In someone else you can not see something that is not within you, including all the wonderful things you see in the other. You love both yourself and others unconditionally!