Are You Fully Aware Of The Law Of Attraction?

I looked into the mirror, how you like to say, and I try to accept myself as I am, I admit that it falls hard for me. I think I’m ready now to take the path of my change. I realized the law of permission, what is the next step?

I looked at a woman for whom I thought she would need a lot more time to deal with her fears that she was pulling from previous bad experiences and failures, and that she had a lack of courage for something new. Fortunately, she won herself and now she is sitting in front of me ready to make a change.

Well done! – I said.

What is the next step?

Do you fully understand what it means that each of our thoughts attracts to ourselves?

Please explain.

Thinking in pictures, because these images trigger emotions, emotions control your actions, your work produces a result. If you want to change the results you are achieving, you must first change the way you think! Take care of your thoughts and what you are thinking about. Remember: similar attracts similar! Of course this does not mean that your concern will cause an accident – child care will not give the rapist time to pass your child through a dark building pass, the fear of failure will not call for failure. But…

But if I do the right things, then what does it matter to me, it matters that it is important that I do so, so I will regret, no matter what I thought while I planted it – she concluded.

How we plant, we do the harvest comes in the very end, what and how we do it is also the result of our thoughts. The main driver of any kind of action is emotion. Emotions emerge from our thinking, and our thoughts are woven from our thoughts. The basis for everything we achieve in our lives are our thoughts. Your negative thought attracts a multitude to yourself, and in such an atmosphere of absolute occupation, you care, fear, anger or anger, and what is other than an accident for you. It’s hard to get out of a living mud if you’re in the dump!

Again, I was convinced that I understood it and it was easy, and you denied me again. Where do I start then? – she was asked to succeed.

Get started from the beginning, when you take negative thoughts, transform them into positive ones. You are afraid that something bad will happen – attract your thoughts positively. There is nothing stronger than you! What kind of life you think you live, your life is like that! Your thoughts are your life.

I understand and will do my homework. Let’s go on, see you next Monday.