How Do We Cross The Path Of Death?

In the psychology of man, one of the greatest fears is the fear of death. In our culture, death is considered to be the most horrible, which only speaks of the level of our maturity and how we deal with it.

While I was in Tibet, a monk told me that death is the happiest moment in life. In that moment it was incomprehensible to me, but it made me think. Later I stayed in Mexico and saw that people there also accepted death in a different way from us here. They glory it! Death is viewed as a very important moment because only then do we understand the essence of life.

I feel bad. I have a well-paid job, working hours as if I am pregnant, no one disturbs me, and I feel like I am dying inside– said a middle-aged woman who came to me for advice

You are on the path of death, try to learn its lesson!

Please do not tell me about death, I’m very scared of it! What does it have to do with my job now? Did you feel I was going to die? – the woman was scared because I touched her fear.

What were you really scared of when I mentioned death?

I don`t know how to explain it to you, I’m afraid … It’s like I die and there’s no more … I do not know, I do not know, do not talk about it.

What do you mean, there’s no more you? What does not it have? There is no body, and the soul travels further. It’s the same as when you go on some beautiful journey and you arrive at a wonderful destination, and then you will not get out of the train that had parked and you sob due to your fear.

Leave those images of death as a human skeleton that dances. It was not even clear to me why and where did such a picture come from, so I, as well as everything that was unclear to me, became researcher about it. In this scene, death in its hands usually holds its scythe. I have studied and realized that the scythe is the attribute of the Lord of the Time, the God of Death and the lower world, which cuts strains of lives. This means that death by its mowing destroys the material form and frees the divine souls of their body imprisonment. Many nations believe that this life is not the ultimate destination for us. We are here to go through all lessons, learn and overcome them, and then move into a world without a patron, into the spiritual world. Like bubbles, free beings move on an ascending path to the heavens and higher divine worlds. Death is only the station on the path of spiritual evolution and new birth. It represents a transformation from one phase to another, a transition from one life to another, going to the next usually better new.

So how can I see death? – asked the woman encouraged by my story.

We can also see death in a psychological way through the stages in the transformation of our inner being. Death is not only the end of life but can also be seen through all the situations that accompany us throughout our lives. Death has a very symbolic meaning.

The first stage of the transformation of our inner being is the first lowest aspect of rotting. It is the deepest ego, and the root of every evil in a person. It signifies a blind, instinctive energy that seeks to self-satisfy the short-sightedness of needs and goals. The person at this stage is completely material, possessive and aggressive, unconscious of the instinctive forces that govern it.

The second stage of the internal transformation represents the second level of rotation. Basic energy is driven from its instinctive vision and transformed into finer form. The person at this stage tends to power and reign, which still represents the sight of possessiveness on one high level. On the spiritual path, power is a “dark reality” and marks a great temptation, which can lead to stagnation and deformation of the personality. Much more than material possession, the power over people and the power over different areas leads to distortion, blasphemy and attachment.

The third stadium is also the final transformation. At this stage, a person is completely free from their captivity, and the path of spiritual heavens can freely flow. This phase is also symbolically seen as the embodiment of fertility and rebirth, and hence suggests the beginning of the third transformation. It also represents all those who swim in the waters of life. And here there is a critical point, because the evil strength of power can return to an evolutionary lower level of existence.

The very topic of death is something which most people, especially in the West, do not want to face with or think seriously about it. Many psychologists believe that all fears can be reduced to the fear of death. Many spiritual interpretations do not see death as the end, but only as a transition from one state of existence to another. Whether you believe in reincarnation or resurrection, or something else, you need to be aware of your mortality, in the sense that the time in this life is limited. You should strive to realize as much as possible your potentials and talents that God has endowed you.

The famous writer and anthropologist, Carlos Castaneda, once wrote: “The warrior knows how to wait for something. His death is sitting on the side of it and two of them are friends.” His death advises him in a mysterious way to choose, to define and to live strategically. ”

This means that, psychologically, death also represents all those situations in life when the relationships in which we are and the way we live are overcome and rotted? – asked the woman.

That’s right! Then a warlike, destructive energy is needed to quickly and precisely detach the sick and unhealthy tissue. Then our healthy core is freed from the heavy ballast that kills us, the situation clears and we can free ourselves and resurrect ourselves.

And what does it have to do with my work? – the woman returned to the beginning of the story.

So cut off what went wrong so that the rot would not affect healthy tissue.

I understand what I need to do. I am going to pass the path of death and quit-woman laughed, for the first time fearlessly uttering the word death.