About me

Who am I? I’m just a soul trying to get along on the path of personal development. While searching for the light and walking towards it, I have found my own peace, serenity, joy and balance with everything inside and around me.

It’s the knowledge I wish to share with you.

Many believe that today’s life is very hard. In addition to the never-ending financial crisis, a values vacuum occurred amongst the ruins of old traditional values, while a new system of values has yet to develop. People are detached and lonely, new technologies triumph, and the world is locked in an existential struggle, living in a permanent state of uncertainty and change. What has happened to us?

Wittingly or unwittingly, many have tried to find the answers within.

Off the path of spiritual and personal development, however, they’ve found nothing but the emptiness inside. Longing for the cure, many wonder: from physicians to psychiatrist, from medications to neurolinguistics programming, from travels to the East to mediation, yoga and, eventually, religion.

In a jungle of possibilities, I am trying to be a guide to the modern man.

Who am I? Žarko is a medical doctor, a PhD candidate, with extensive experience in clinical psychiatry. That’s how people would describe me intuitively, against a formal education background, but I’m rather a seeker hunting for answers and cures for the modern-age ailments. l began my search where logic had dictated; expecting a pharmacist to know everything there is to know about the world of cures, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences seemed to be a perfectly logical choice for me. I completed undergraduate courses and then, just after my last exam, I realised it’s more important to understand the cause of a disease and prevent it, than to prescribe drugs and alleviate the symptoms. My search led me to the medical school. The body is a map, hiding the memories of root causes. The answers I got didn’t satisfy my urge either, and the journey went on through psychiatry. Everything’s in the head, right? I travelled across the world, toured Serbia, Europe, Asia, Central and South America, exploring. From all the different healing techniques I came across, Reiki stood out. The modern-day disease affects the soul, rather than the body or the mind.

I dedicated myself to Reiki studies and practices, wishing to merge Reiki with modern science.

What is Reiki? It is a natural healing technique, using high frequency energy. It cures the body, calms the mind, cleanse yourself of negative emotions. Most importantly, it teaches you how to adopt a more spiritual, healthy attitude towards life. Reiki is believed to have been born in Tibet, but it’s Japan that rediscovered and systematised the technique, making it available to everyone. It is a skill developed over more than 5000 years, the essence of which has been known all around the world, but under different names. Even Serbia’s legal and health-care systems have recognised Reiki as a legitimate, proven healing technique. For a majority, however, Reiki remains as alternative and esoteric as anything coming from the East.

Every master adds something personal to the basic technique. I want to bring Reiki closer to the modern man.

The knowledge of traditional medicine makes it possible for me to come closer to people. The years of searching and experience created an amalgam of eastern and western approaches to healing. This is why what I’m saying is perfectly clear to western cultures, which might initially resist the holistic approach of the East. I observe the body and emotions first, and then switch to the mind and soul, combining all the techniques I have mastered with Reiki.

My style is unpretentious, forthcoming, and not at all pompous.

I teach my students and my patients (all of them are my friends, too) how to integrate Reiki into their daily routines. I examine the energy status, offering a cure wrapped in a metaphoric story, which presents the problem very clearly, with no mystifications. That’s what motivated hundreds of my students to work on themselves to find peace, serenity and joy in a healthy life. Even though deeply rooted in the spiritual teachings of the East, the technique can help a believer, an atheist and an agnostic alike, because it’s proven by modern research as well. The only requirement for you is to open up your mind, and be prepared to work on yourself.

I work with everyone individually, I teach and write books. This blog is just another way to tell you my story.

It gives me joy to help others, and I want to share what I have learned. I want to see you, get to know you and talk with you. This is why I’ve opened a centre, a place of good vibrations, a haven I hope will be an important stop for all of you taking a challenging path of self-improvement.

Reiki treatment and initiation can not cause any physical and mental illness. Reiki is a method of improving health through positive thoughts, changing life habits and living in positive energy. In the event of any medical problems, seek medical advice.