Fear Is the Only Cause of Failure

What does it mean to spread your wings? Today I lost my job, which I stopped passionately loving, but which gave me a reputation in society and money. I have been wanting to do something completely different for a long time, I read and dreamed a lot about it, but I do not have a fully developed idea or concrete offer yet. If I were to find a new job in an industry where I was comfortable, that I had other opportunities and some security until I came up with what exactly was the new thing I wanted to do, would it be wingspan?

Not. That would be a flight to a neighbour’s hen.

Does that mean I shouldn’t have a safe job right now because it limits me?

You can, as long as it doesn’t limit you. You can land and tick occasionally, but without holding back. The hens have three fingers and their feet easily sink in and out of the mud. And as a swan you have floating skins on your feet and when you step into their mud you sink deeper and your mud becomes stickier. Other times, even in a chicken coop, the swan is given more and enters the substance.

So what does it mean to take off like a swan?

It means being who you are. What are you actually afraid of? You’re just afraid to be who you are. Recently a doctor came to visit me and asked me to help him. He thought that since we were colleagues, I could advise him on how to feel better. As soon as I mentioned freedom, he reacted violently and said:”That’s some kind of parapsychology. Stick to our profession.”

You see, it’s your mind-limiting curse. He did not really want to focus his attention to the final result, but insisted that I stick to some of the old patterns, even though they obviously didn’t bring him results anymore.

But maybe your approach was not good for him because he was different?

It was up to him to try. Life is endless learning through trial and error. If I tried oatmeal once and it made me satiated, does that mean I only need to eat oatmeal for the rest of my life because I know for sure that it will make me satiate? Or to put things differently – if the swan once blew out while flying, does he have to sit in a chicken coop forever? I was always bothered by the saying that the snake bites and the lizard is scared!

Why? Isn’t that related to learning from experience?

It’s not. If a snake has caught me, I should not spend my lifetime running away from snakes and lizards. I need to learn from previous experience how to approach next time, since this time I obviously chose the wrong approach.

Wait, I don’t understand. You said the universe sends us signals when we go in the wrong direction?

That’s right.

When a snake bites me, how do I know if it is a signal that points out that I’m moving in the wrong direction and that I should run away from the snake or should I learn to approach the snake differently?

It depends on your current task in the path of spiritual development. If you are aware of where you need to go, you will be able to read and correctly interpret the sign on the map. When I was starting to deal with Reiki, at one point I felt very exhausted and nervous. I began to ask myself what I needed and if it was better to return to limited classical medicine. And so, while one day tired of standing at a traffic light, a car coming behind me hit my car hard from behind. I went out to see the damage. As I looked into the damaged rear of the car I suddenly realized that I had received a message. The message was not – do not drive, but – do not wait, move forward where you have already started.

The message was the answer to a question that bothered me these days.

If flying is as good as you say, why is it difficult for most people to spread out and take off?

There are no maps, coordinates, routes and safe meals where they fly, they just don’t like it.

Why?- she asked.

Because they are scared of freedom.

Are they afraid of risk and uncertainty?

Not. They feel fear of freedom and failure. And they are lazy and frustrated. They won’t go outside with wet hair because their parents told them they would get meningitis like their great-grandmother who got sick because she was going wet. But that’s life. Few are called, even less selected. Let them be afraid. There is more room for those who dare. That’s why it’s so clean upstairs.

Something is still not clear to me… has my case expired or my entire career in the industry? We both know that I’ve been fantasizing about a whole new career in coaching for years. How will I know if I am new to the oasis or other chicken coop?

Simply. What bothered you in your old job?

That I had to be available to them all the time. They were against my going abroad, which prevented me from finding and accepting new opportunities there as I wished.

Well, a new arrangement should not restrict your freedom and prevent you from doing what you really want. And I’m sure the arrangement will be in the area that really interests you and what belongs to you. Don’t complain right away and make no money choices.

Then why can’t some people find a job for so long?

Because they do not want it.

But some are really trying …

There are only two reasons for this. One is – when the fear of not having a job is more powerful than wanting to find one, they send out a frequency of fear and impotence into space. The second reason is that unconsciously, deep down, they do not want to find it, because they love their life in which they do not work and use it as justification. It doesn’t matter how willing they look from the outside.

So now I have to embrace freedom?- she breathed noisily.

Yes. You told the universe what you wanted and it gave it to you. Don’t find yourself wasting its time.