Can We Live Without Foor or Water?

We can agree about the thing that each and every of us has some kind of distress, something that takes our energy, tortures us. Also, it is usually thought that these feelings are difficult or almost impossible to change. If we sit with our arms still,  nothing will change.

Now, if I tell you that it is enough just to opt for a change and that it is possible, not to say easy, you would probably conclude I do not even know what I’m talking about. If I add to my words that not only can we eliminate the difficulties and problems, but make our life happy, you would place me among the charlatans.  But here is my attempt to present some evidence in order to take you all the way to the truth.

One should not forget that the natural state of a man is to be happy, and that we are the ones who destroy ourselves and impose problems.

Most people think that food and water are necessary in order to survive, but many of us can testify there are examples it is not always the case. If we are left without those for a while out of necessity, we do not die immediately. There are many examples of people who use certain spiritual skills in life in order to survive without food and water. This is because we actually live from life energy that enables us to eat and drink, among all other things.

Also, we do not get sick because the weather affects us as well we do not suffer from tumor out of sudden. It happens because our life energy drops and we get a warning we should not ignore.

And why does the level of our life energy drop?

I will explain to you based on one case. Energy drops if we do not live in the moment we are in! Mentioning life without food or drink, do you find it possible?

Most people would give a positive or negative answer, but it would include the words “only for a short period of time”. I will add – we do not die because of lack of food, but because of thinking about it.

I accidentally met a man who is believed to be the only living breatharian in the world. He hasn’t been eating or drinking for 11 years now. He invited me to live with him for a while in order to show me I could do the same. I did not believe it first, I thought it was a lie. Nevertheless, I decided to go and see it for myself.

When we met, I simply knew it was not a fraud because the energy it radiated exceeded all my previous experiences. I was even more interested in producing such an amount of energy when I did not eat anything. Then I thought that he certainly knew some miraculous technique and was infinitely happy that I would learn it myself.

My first illusion failed very quickly because  the technique does not exist. At that moment, I was scared because I agreed to live with him for 11 days without food and water.

The only thing he told me was:

If you want to succeed, you have to live in the present moment. There is neither yesterday nor tomorrow, neither the past nor the future. You are here, at this moment because you have decided it yourself by your own will, so that there is not any food that is before this time nor the one that will be after the time spent with me. There is no fear of time because time does not exist, and this will only be achieved if you are only now and here present and nowhere else. And the process, or your mind to be precise, will guide your body.

I agreed and went into one of the greatest adventures in my life.

The very decision that I am here and that I do not eat and drink water has narrowed my mind for the moment I was in. It was not a struggle for life but just giving up the moment. The very decision that there is nothing else but the present moment has removed from me any desire or need. I was good enough for myself.

And the mind is a miracle. As soon as we put it in some form, it is easily adapted. If it is a positive process then the mind will show all the benefits of it. Very quickly my thoughts became so purified that I only then realized how much we were actually occupied with stupidities. Cleaning “the workspace” allowed me so much cleverness of the senses and the mind that the perception rose to incredible boundaries. In silence, time really did not exist, and the clarity of the mind allowed me to clearly see the true state of my current life. It was completely logical and clear where I was at that moment, what was right and what was not. Everything came on its own place.

What happened to the body, I will write to you on another occasion if you are interested in it. Contact me in comments on the text.

The phenomenon of the fast has long been known to us. It serves us to focus on the essence of our being by giving up material challenges for a while.

It’s simply unbelievable that the decision is the most powerful technique we can use to achieve whatever we want. Of course, ego traps are always present, but it has to do with your weaknesses.

To get back to the subject. Can we live without food and water? We can, but it is not the essence of life, but a way of returning to focus and balance, a process of purified and empowering our mind and, therefore, our bodies. Because the essence is not the ballast of matter we push into ourselves but in the energy that our mind makes. But remember, you can do whatever you want. You just have to decide!