How To Become Aware of Your Problems

As I have pointed out many times, life is not a straight line, nor a place to enjoy without problems. Life is a polygon for overcoming obstacles in the form of problems and learning the lessons that are given to us. If you yourself do not want to be better, then how can you be better? Nobody can help you if you do not want to accept it! I will allow myself the freedom to sound cruel when I say that there is a low number of selected people but still sufficient and you decide whether or not you are among them!

A very beautiful young woman with an empty look, entered my office.

I do not have the will for anything, everything is black, and up and down. And as some song says: when I get up, I do not know whether to wash or kill myself. I do not see any sense anymore! – she said.

Would you like a cup of green tea? – I asked her.

What are you talking about? Why do you have green tea on your mind in the situation like this?

Even in this green tea we can find an explanation how to make you feel better.


Take a cup of green tea for the start.

But I do not like it, it stinks to me – said the woman with disgust.

Green tea is healthy even though it stinks. So, first become aware of your own situation in which you are. Take a complete look at your situation as it is no matter how embarrassing it is to you.

Give me one cup of that green tea! – she said in the end.

Now, you should try to drink it, even though it has an unpleasant smell. So, you should decide that you want to change something in your life! You should understand why it’s good to start, figure out why you will be better, and how your situation will change when you stop doing anything but just sobbing over your own destiny.

What now? – asked the woman after she drank a cup of tea at once.

What’s your feeling now?

This is my first hot cup of green tea and just to tell you – it is not bad at all.

Bravo, you have moved from the dead point, that’s good. Do you want another cup of tea?

Do I have to?

Another cup of tea is easier, you do not notice a bad smell at the third one, you already enjoy the fourth one. Hold on, after starting, do not give up after the first step. And finally, do not forget to be grateful at all times in your life. Gratitude attracts all prosperity!

The woman was happy to go home, not because she began to drink green tea, but because this principle she will use in her life from now on.

In the end, just to sum up:

1. Become aware of the situation!

“Green tea is healthy even though it stinks.”

2. Decide that you want to run!

“I’m starting to drink green tea, although it has a bad smell”

3. Get moving!

“The first cup of green tea has already been taken, and you already think it’s not that terrible.”

4. Hold on!

“Another cup of tea is easier, you do not notice a bad smell at the third one, and in the fourth you already enjoy”

5. Be grateful!

“Being thankful for a cup of tea is inviting prosperity next!”