How to Find Satisfaction

When we experience a crisis in some aspect of life, we should never run away from it or what we consider to be a problem. On the contrary, then we must dive deeper within the essence of the crisis. In this quality we will recognize its essence and find another expression.

How can I go deeper into the crisis? I am a university professor, conscientiously do my job as best I can and no satisfaction for it?- asked my dear student.

Your essence and your calling is to be a teacher. Does that mean you have to be a college recruiter and give up like you do now? Not. This is just one possible expression of your essence and if you stop working there tomorrow – you will not stop being a teacher. You will continue to express your essence even if you become a guru, coach, if you continue to teach elsewhere or if you start taking language classes that you know well at home.

Okay. I accept the crisis and the mind takes control. How further?

First you have to be sure that the mind has taken control in a healthy way. A cold ratio wrongly employed can be very destructive. If a crisis causes you to anesthetize your emotions and activate a strong analytical mind, you will begin to resonate as follows: I did this, this and this. Someone else did something else. I’m moral, I’m right. My dignity and self-esteem do not allow me to get past bad conditions etc. It looks like logical construction and proper reasoning. But I ask you – who is saying this: mind or ego?

Are you saying I should act like nothing’s going on?

Maybe! You talk all the time about the amount of your own engagement, think about the quality! A crisis is an opportunity to finish what needs to be completed, and to reset and refresh what has deeper quality and potential. In order to see clearly what you are really facing, you need to be sure that you are looking at the situation with the eyes of the soul and the pure mind, not the eyes of the ego.

How do I know which one of them is analyzing the situation?

If you feel calm, your soul and your pure mind talk. If you feel anger, betrayal, your ego speaks. Whenever you feel tension, you are in its claws.

Okay. I understand. Now imagine that I accepted the situation and that I was sure I could hear the voice of the soul, not the ego. What to do then?

As long as you do the same – nothing else will happen!

But if I don’t know anything else to do?

The question here is not what but how! You will have to try different approaches until you find one that works. No prescription. Every situation is different.

That’s difficult – she said, visibly concerned.

Yes, but many are called and few are chosen. The select will find the answer. We need to engage with a positive attitude. Remember:

Healthy scrolling from the established patterns will produce results sooner or later!