What Is The Meaning of The Marfi Law For You

I am the biggest misfortune in the world, if I touched the greenest tree- it would die. You have often heard this saying and also used it to describe some of your life situations.

The Marfi Law is a popular idiom that marks the cosmological predestination of the certainty of the occurrence of a massive event in a causal sequence.

The challenge of the law is: everything that can go wrong – will go wrong.

In interpreting western cultures, this term is a popular way to describe a situation in which something unexpectedly went wrong. At least this is the definition found in the omniscient encyclopedia. The law was named after US Major Edward Marphy, who worked on the development and testing of the pilot’s catapulting seats.

I would slightly rephrase this law: everything happens exactly when and how it should happen.

When moving to a new apartment, the guys who moved my furniture could not enter three-seat sofa into the apartment because it was too large for a small hallway. After a one-hour combinatorics they failed to enter it, but they had a proposal to open a plasterboard on the ceiling of the hallway so that the sofa could get the angle under which it could be moved into the apartment. The repair of the ceiling would not be expensive compared to the price of a sofa that I would otherwise have to leave in front of the building. I went to the head of the construction site and asked him for the service I wanted to pay. And there it is, Marphy! As usual in such situations, the chief of the site was a fairly simple and raw man, rude, unscrupulous and without any understanding for anyone except for himself. The answer was so rude that I do not want to write it. I got out of his office seeing red. Since my friends say I am trained for moments of crisis, I quickly calmed down, told the guys from the moving company service to take the sofa in the hallway and I went for a cup of tea feeling completely calm. Everyone told me I was silly but my only answer was that there was not any benefit from feeling nervous and that coincidence did not exist. Days passed and I was trying to understand what was going on and what was my lesson in all this.

I realized that the main message for me from this lesson was to slow down, not to try to swallow too big bites for me. Leaving to that calmer stream brought me a lot of good very soon afterwards. In addition to having satisfaction evej from the orevious situation, the next day other workers came to do something in the apartment. Since I had to work, I left them alone. When they had finished their work, they sent me a video message where they greeted me sitting on my three-seat sofas which was now in the living room. I do not know how they brought it inside, but they did it although it was not their part of work. Then I realized that the non-tactical head of the construction site from the beginning of the story saved me several hundred euros. As far as his disrespect is concerned, it is already a lesson that he will pay, it has nothing to do with me.

When the situation gets rid of tension, the energy flow finds the best and easiest solution. Otherwise, we ourselves are responsible for complications, prolongation and a huge amount of stress.

What I’m saying is that if something is not done, there is some reason for it! In such situations, do not go through the wall because you will only break it, but consider the message behind it. If you do so, the benefits are multiple.

Be grateful for any situation that stops you or changes your course because it is in the service of your soul and sends it directly to the universe for your own good, in order to save you from making some mistake. If you continue to push in that direction, regardless of the warning, you will be responsible for the negative result yourself, not Marfi’s Law or the evil fate.

Do not seek justification in anything or anyone else, do not be afraid to acknowledge your failure and accept your own mistake. They are just a good basis for a new direction and foundation for a new success.

The sudden situations that bring the change are always positive, so relax, because only with a change you can get something different from the existing one! If something is upset in you, it’s just your ego.

When the mistake is detected and then corrected, you will realize it was actually right at the beginning. So relax.

Marfi’s Law is a fabrication of people whose ego does not allow the possibility of a free flow of life. Those who see half the cup as half-empty will suffer in their emptiness, and us others will enjoy its fullness.