Do We Change Ourselves, or the Programme of our Illness?

Not everyone comes for help. More precisely, not everyone would admit to it. There’s more: some manage to change, some don’t. I often get asked why anyone would come to me in denial, all defensive, argumentative, attacking me. Many fall back to their old ways, and I know that. My only answer is:

Their soul has brought them to me. Unfortunately, that alone cannot guarantee that the treatment will be a success.

The ego and the soul are in eternal conflict, with an uncertain winner. The soul asks for help, the conscious mind refuses to give in. The ego sabotages. What’s my role then? I’m only there to guide and support, accept a blow if required, but not to cure. Everyone needs to do it alone. I once talked with a middle-aged painter:

I’ve come to you because you cured my friend’s cancer – he said to me. He came to me alone. We had met at my lecture in his town.

It wasn’t me. I helped him realise that he could.

Are you saying that such a serious illness is psychosomatic?

Cells are programmed to grow in a very specific way. The programme makes it possible to build a healthy body, able to live long enough to learn all the lessons we chose. Cell degeneration means that the basic programme has been changed. The frequency of our energy field has been altered. We do it to ourselves alone!

Are you saying that I have decided to have a dysfunctional hand? That the dead nerve is my decision?

We do not necessarily call it a decision, but yes, it’s your own doing. If I tell you that you can convince your body to cure itself, would you believe me?

You are talking about cell regeneration of sorts, aren’t you? You have found a way to re-programme neurons into curing themselves?

No. I can help you, though. It’s rather reorienting your mind into curing your body. How will I do that? I’ll help you realise where you are wrong.

Well, you are a complete charlatan! the man went up and headed out.

Your biofield is completely distorted by arrogance and ostentation, caused by greed. That something penetrated your energy field nearly a month ago. Your previous life had elevated you to a higher level, beyond the material, your soul refuses to fall back to lower levels. Your soul wants to protect you! In order to do so, it takes away from you the tools to finish your project and tarnish it.

Compared to the body, the soul is a priority. There’s always an order of things, and it’s the same for everyone.

What did you say? he raised his voice to the level usually a step away from physical violence.

I didn’t get beaten up. The truth was on my side. He was a painter, and, as he explained later on, he had made an arrangement with a wealthy family to make a series of paintings. The plan was to use them as a window of opportunity to join “the elite” and make some serious money. He wasn’t aware that the greed was completely destroying his soul, and, consequently, his body. The intent was wrong. The first line of defence was activated. The story didn’t end there though. He admitted to the intent, but remained very defensive.

I can’t believe this. I am seriously ill, and you are telling me about the road of faith.

You are used to looking at the world through a keyhole. You’ve also spent your entire life trying to widen it, to see more, to discover more, to learn. You’ve perfected yourself in art, a supreme spiritual discipline, but in the end you’ve apparently failed to learn the most basic life lessons. Now, you’ve heard that you can widen the keyhole, but in a way that your greedy ego may find offensive, and you’ve chosen to dismiss the opportunity. Is it, perhaps, that I might have offended you when I said you had failed?

No, I’m dismissing it, because I refuse to believe in fairy tales about miracle makers. We are made up of matter, there’s nothing more to it.

Are your paintings nothing but paint smudges? Were they created only by your flesh, instead of your mind using the soul to connect to the wisdoms of the universe? It wasn’t your mind that ruled at the time, let alone your body. The river of the eternal wisdom of the universe cannot be tamed! Willingly or not, you’ll have to surrender to the current. When you use that strength as your own, miracles happen, on canvas, and in life. You can do it. You could do it then, while painting, and you can do it now. Quite the contrary to what you’ve said, there’s absolutely nothing material there.

I’ll keep the illness in check as soon as I find enough money to pay for the best doctors.

It makes no sense. Your intellect might have brought you very far, but no further. You should get rid of the desire for the material. Silence your ego, and you’ll heal your body.

Unfortunately, he failed. He had spent more than he should have. The desire for the material drove him to the matter.