When Not in Sync with Yourself and Your Surroundings, Worries Emerge

The other day I went to the post office to pick up some books, and pay my bills. An unexpectedly forthcoming security officer, who must have confused me with someone else, encouraged me to go to the front of the queue. The whole situation was kind of funny, but I chose to queue up, smiling. I’ve just pulled a trick I’m about to share with you, and that’s why I was smiling.

A lady with her nose in the bills was standing right in front of me. She saw what happened, and couldn’t help but make a comment on my smile.

  • Why are you smiling like that? I bet those bills are not yours.
  • Yes, they are, but I don’t see a reason to worry and frown about them.
  • You must be really rich, if you don’t worry about bills. Everyone worries about something!

With that last comment she got back to her bills, but the conviction in her words never stopped to amaze me. She was as assertive as if she was explaining to me that the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west, introducing me to some eternal truth. I hope she’ll come across this blog and this particular post someday, because I had so much to tell her, but that was neither the time nor the place.

The Nature of Worry

We all try very hard to get through our day as smoothly as possible. Everything that comes after though, splits us into two groups of people: in one group they think that it’s all fate, part of God’s plan or at least coincidence, while in the other they’ll dismiss it all as a complete nonsense, insisting that you can get exactly what you can make for yourself. It may seem unbelievable, but they all worry, for different reasons though.

Worry is a subconscious alarm that goes off when we are not in harmony with ourselves and our surroundings.

Unfortunately, worry is a state of mind, which, like any other feeling for that matter, attracts more of the like (which we’ve talked about), creating the blockades that, in turn, threaten the balance. Why do people worry then?

Some worry about the past. A long time ago, perhaps, yesterday or earlier today, they were not in sync, they stumbled, and continued to punish themselves into the new day. The past no longer exists, today’s a new day, a new opportunity. You can’t move forward and look back at the same time, yours eyes are not in the back of your head. Unfortunately, these people don’t know this, deliberately missing on it.

Some worry about the future. Who knows, sometime soon, maybe tomorrow, we may be out of sync again, and something horrible will happen. I’d better start to worry right away, to get it out of my system. The future doesn’t exist either, we live today only, just now. Sadly, these people miss the presence and the future, worrying.

If you have chosen to believe in fate, God, luck, or a pure chance, why worry then? I guess you can trust the universe as much as to expect something in return for your loyalty? You may think that you believe, that you are fully committed, but the worry gives you away. You believe, yet you don’t.

If you are convinced that you are the architect or your fortune, than you don’t need to worry at all. Worrying will only slow you down, because the bad feelings you may be projecting will undermine your efficiency and chances of success. You work hard, doing your best, buy you worry, too, rooting against yourself.

In a word, if you worry you either don’t believe the universe, or you just don’t believe in yourself, and the truth is that you don’t believe in either completely. You believed in Santa for so many years, but you can’t trust yourself five minutes?

Why worry about the past? There are only the consequences left in its wake, and worrying will not make it easier for us to get rid of them. You should accept the past as a lesson that makes you wiser, not a trauma. Worrying about the future is equally useless – for a new day we need a fresh mind, happy and positive, the best we can have to give it our all.

Our thoughts make up an electromagnetic field, which creates a picture it sends to the universe as a sequence of information. The universe then decodes it. In the see of information sent by every living creature, the decoding rule is simple – give them what they want. If you worry, you’ll worry even more. For love, the universe will send you more love. You’ve double parked, and you are worrying that your car will be towed? I’m not saying that your thoughts are actually texting the parking service, but here’s an example: two falsely parked vehicles, next to each other. You are worried sick that yours will be towed, and I can guarantee yours be the first to be towed. They’ll come back for the other car later. Unless the owner removes it first.

You know very well what I am talking about. It has happened to you a million times already. Stop it! Instead of worrying, switch your thoughts to something positive. Imagine yourself getting back to your car and finding it exactly where you left it.

It is simple, really: worry just doesn’t pay off.