Do We Have the Winner?

I read these days in some newspapers a horrible text, and I saw the picture of a beautiful man, a big heart. I know that everything is written far from the truth, but it’s hard again. I know him, I respect him immensely, because of all the good traits he has, and hurts me when I hear gossips about him. They say he’s lost. They say he touched the bottom. They say some other things as well and judge him.

The darkness and fear started speaking out from people  and all we can hear is judging and hatred. I know that we are not like that, and I know that we do not judge people based on evil thoughts, but on the powerlessness, the sadness and the ignorance to understand our pain and sorrow.

But, I do not worry, I know that there is good and salvation for everyone – we just have to turn around and open our hearts. You can see the light in your darkness. You just have to turn your head to the one who carries it.. Turn your head from the darkness and dust that covers you.

Do you know about the great statue of the Winner at the Kalemegdan Fortress? He testifies about who we are and who he is, the gentle man of good and brave heart. The Winner at Kalemegdan reminds us of the long forgotten glory of those whose descendents we are. In the twentieth century, we convincingly proved that fighting and winning were not just phrases. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the whole world knew about a small nation from the Balkans and paid tribute to it. By the end of that same century, he again made the whole world know who we are and what a small proud nation we were. The beginning of the twenty-first century and again attack on our winner, but this time we attack him by ourselves.

We tend to forget, it always cost us a lot, so let’s remember, let’s move on to the better. Everything starts from us, no one else can be blamed, everything is in our hands. The first step is to turn to something or someone good and let’s just decide to see it only positively so that we can do it well. After that everything becomes different, believe in yourself, or at least learn from the better ones. If you are focusing on a good drop in the bad sea, it will drive you to good, stop diving and find your island of salvation. You just run, you decide how you want it to be and show it. The good brings better and bad brings only worse. If you are looking forward to the happiness of another – you will attract your own happiness. If you judge the things you find bad within others, you attract bad things. You just have to decide you feel good and it is going to happen! Let’s get together at once about something positive and be consistent about it.

And as the old saying goes: if you are not able to help, do not disturb. Only a nice word and handshake are enough to support someone.

I’ll tell you a story. I once visited a small Himalayan kingdom. Deep in the mountains of Bhutan, I met an old monk who had fascinating knowledge of everything, but he had no idea where Serbia was. I heard many wise words from him, but he was tormented to find out where I came from, and how he never heard of Serbia. My mention of Yugoslavia, Tito and the Non-aligned, and many other well-known neighbours  who we were surrounded  with did not help either. At the time when I no longer had any other idea what to do, as the last I mentioned him, the winner. The old man jumped up and shouted: “You come from the country of my beloved winner,” and he hugged me firmly. Again, I was convinced that the whole world knew about my people and our victories. I was so proud!

Everyone loves and respects him, we only spit on him. And just because we do not understand. We easily forget the victories and we like to highlight the inexorable details. We are huddled in someone else’s life, dealing with semi-truths and semi-information, and we neglect our own.

We are people who believe in God and as such we cannot commit the greatest sin, we must not judge others. Knights and kings, saints and enlighteners, military leaders and scientists who have glorified our nation are no longer alive. But he is. He is our 21st-century knight. We can help him with support even if we do not understand his loss and the battles he fights. He is our winner and our light.

Know that victory is not only in competition, victory is love, and good deeds, and knowledge and a beautiful word. He has all of it!

My nice words and tight handshake are dedicated to him. You know his name because everyone knows it.

For me he is the Winner!