Nothing Is Fair But True

Among those who learn from me there are so many extraordinary people that even though they call me a teacher, I am honoured to be challenged and to learn through them. One of these extraordinary people came to me for a weekly dose of aeration.

Let’s talk about passion- she said. – I dreamed that I was caused by the beauty of a beautiful being that used me in sweet rapture and disappeared. I was left alone at a crossroad, crying and lonely. Suddenly, a black warrior appeared from somewhere, lifting me off the dusty ground and taking me home.

When we give in to passion, we need to be aware that we clearly say to ourselves: yes, this is worth paying such a price and learning, or no, this is not worth the sacrifice. Keep in mind that there are pure white and pure black, but they are unfathomable to us, we live somewhere between those extremes, in a thousand shades of gray. In fact, we live in countless shades of all colours. When passion enters our lives, we should not be scared. One has to let go of that passion in order to learn through it. The symbol of the young man you are giving yourself to is the story of getting into something too fast, but that black warrior who comes and saves you actually presents you  who learned the lesson-  I answered her.

Does this mean that the message of the dream is – not to get into things too fast, to measure every decision?

No. The message is – live life bravely but always consciously, knowing that everything has its price and its consequence. So it should not be concluded that – since a snake bites once, it should also escape from the lizard. Once bitten – twice shy does not have to be true. On the contrary, the idea is to approach the snake next time, but smarter. New experience is learning and growth that should not be avoided.

Are there things that are certainly bad, such as God’s commandment – don’t steal? – she continued, provoked by the topic.

Some wise men say that there is the will of the universe here, too, and that we sometimes  go into his service to save someone’s soul.

Wait, I don’t understand, wouldn’t that act get dirty our soul?

Imagine the situation you are going down the street hungry and you see that some man has dropped money out of his pocket. What are you going to do, keep it or give it back to the man in front of you? If you keep it – you are stealing, if you give it back, then why did it all happen. Everything in the world has a reason. The owner of the money  gets a lesson about dealing with money. And you have a chance not to be hungry, a reward for something you have done well, and a chance for a really good deed. It is up to you if you will do some good work and feed some hungry children once when you have money again. If not, it’s part of your karma again, so think about what will happen and what will you do about it. The karma of the man is to lose money and learn a lesson and it is yours to be in the service of the universe to help him. Never consciously, intentionally steal because it is bad and it gets dirty your soul.

Do I understand well – if we take the Ten Commandments of God as an absolute, the realm of black and white, and then we insert a few shades of gray, did we not then open the door to everything in life to be relative, isn’t it moral relativism?

Don’t get me wrong, but the Ten Commandments of God have not been written by “God” but created out of dogma, and dogma exists for some people to control other people. When you want to control the mass you cannot go into the finesse but you cut with an axe. It’s like telling you – if you are allergic to gluten you can eat oats and amaranth but not wheat, you can eat this but not that and so on. It would be easier for me to tell you – don’t eat cereals, because you’re not the only one I have to talk to. Do you understand? The whole point is about the mass.

Do you think that the ego will not deceive us to find justification for every bad act?

On the lower level of consciousness it is possible, but on the higher absolutely no. On a higher level, you won’t scream away from the snake not knowing why, but rather look it calmly in the eye and tell yourself – I know who you are and I know why I won’t take you in the hand. Consciousness allows me to clearly weigh the cost of learning from an experience and gives me a chance to decide whether to pay for it and whether the experience is worth it.

Speaking of the price of experience, what do you think of the following: let’s imagine hypothetically giving me the opportunity to have a great personal experience in the field of love or career. How good or maybe stupid is it to give up because of, say, the family I currently have?

To give up for the sake of others is black, and to accept it no matter what is white. On our abovementioned scale both are extreme and stupid. The middle road is always the right choice. Nothing is fair but true. True is never halfway, sometimes it is a little here and sometimes it is there, but on average it is always halfway, and it is true. In this exact true lies the possibility of redemption.

Can we say that this dream of mine is a story of stepping through life?

Yes. One might say so.

Does he also give me advice on how to choose the right path in life, how to recognize the voice of my heart, the call of my soul and choose it, or just talks about how to go that way?

It’s a story about both. To go through your life guided by the head or the mind is one extreme and to follow only your heart is the other. The answer is in the balance.